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About Us

Apex Pharmacy is a locally owned pharmacy that serves the Lower Mainland. We believe in providing excellent service for all of our customers, no matter their age. We specialize in working with the elderly, helping them find the medications and remedies they need in a timely, efficient manner.We are committed to providing the best possible care to our customers, offering great service and a wide range of products. We believe that everyone deserves to get the medications and treatments they need, and we strive to make sure they get them as quickly and easily as possible.

Our Story

Elke and Jason have been colleagues in Abbotsford, BC for over 15 years, originally working together in senior care with a large national pharmacy.  Throughout this time, they both gained valuable, specialized experience and developed a passion to care for seniors in BC.


In 2021, the company that they worked for decided to pursue a different direction and no longer provide services to seniors in care, with plans to close the pharmacy.  With a heart and compassion for seniors, Elke and Jason refused to let the long-established care for seniors that they helped develop end so abruptly.


With their wealth of knowledge and passion, they collaborated to save the senior care pharmacy services in Abbotsford, and APEX Pharmacy was born!

Their well-established and dedicated staff share their passion for senior care and together they serve the needs of seniors, those in care and those who care for them.

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